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All properties represented by Gorilla Realty are listed on the regional MLS and on the Gorilla Capital website.

Gorilla Capital

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Gorilla Realty
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A house offered for sale in Idaho

Welcome to the Gorilla Realty website. Gorilla Realty is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gorilla Capital, one of the nation's leaders in purchasing distressed real estate for renovation and sale.


About Gorilla Capital:

Gorilla Capital is a constantly evolving, privately-held investment fund which focuses on revitalizing neighborhoods through the acquisitions and renovation of distressed real estate. In 2006 Gorilla Capital was founded and initially started out purchasing non-judicial foreclosures in just one Oregon county. These homes received minor improvements and cleanups and were sold at wholesale prices. Fast-forward 10 years: Gorilla Capital currently operates in over 22 states and counting, purchases properties through a multitude of channels including foreclosure sales, REOs, short sales, estate sales, and traditional open market purchases. These properties then undergo a remodel to bring them up to the standards of today’s home-buyers and to make the properties financeable for purchase.

About Gorilla Realty:

The professional realtors of Gorilla Realty are proud to be the exclusive listing agents of Gorilla Capital's homes. Gorilla Realty offers these homes through local MLS listings and through the Gorilla Capital website.  Gorilla homes are backed by a third-party, one-year home warranty.

Visit the Gorilla Capital website